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売井坂 謙太  Kenta Uriizaka




Kenta Uriizaka was born in1992 and brought in Chigasaki City,Kanagawa Prefecture.He was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. He became to express his internal world by drawing pictures in his infancy.His gifted talent began to fascinate many people in a variety of exhibitions while he was attending Chigasaki Special Education School.
He shows his excellent ability in drawing illustration of goods with commercial logotypes,still-life pictures and also portraits of the people around him.His touch,sense of colors,and his strong lines which grab the reality of the object are so unique.He can finish drawing a portrait within 30 minutes with undivided intention and keeps drawing everyday to meet orders.
He also likes taking a walk.He often gose to the library with his helper and a game center.His favorite game is ‘Animal Caesar’.

Translated by Kenichi Takayama